Prayer Makes No Sense > So what does? > Why can’t you show that kind of faith in GOD? > Because every child knows, when your father is mad at you is not the time to ask him for things!

And why would God want you to weigh in at all?

Prayer is, by definition, a request for God to do something your way instead of the way He was already doing it. Remember: the only reason you’re talking to Him is to CHANGE that will.

So why do most people conclude their prayers “not my will, by thine, be done”? Because saying that is literally telling God to ignore your prayer! Consider Luke 22:42; did this thing Jesus asked for happen? Of course not! Because Jesus specifically told God to ignore everything He just asked for!

When you say “Lord, heal this person, but not my will, thy will be done”... that’s exactly what God does: whatever He was going to do before you opened your mouth!

So make up your mind! Do you want Him to do it His way, as He already is, or to do it YOUR WAY? Because “thy will be done” is literally saying “you know what God... forget I said anything”. Just as it would be, if you said those words to your human father!

Prayer is about getting God to substitute our will for His own. Remember, God’s will was being done before you said anything! God has a plan, and when He is ready to lift a punishment, He will.

But if you feel compelled by pity, or by a sense of injustice, feel free to tell God how you feel. But make a case – not a plea. Change His mind! It happens, and it’s not even that hard to do!

God’s mind was changed regularly in the Bible; consider Moses’ prayer in Exodus 32:11-14. But God changed His mind because Moses REMINDED HIM of how this would look to Egypt; REMINDED HIM that this judgment might contradict an earlier promise of His. Moses made a case!

God had no doubt already been aware of these potential problems; and God had already figured a way around them (verse 10). But God still allowed Himself to be swayed. Why?

Was God’s initial judgment not just? Had God indeed forgotten His promise? Both are doubtful. So why would He change His mind? Because Moses asked Him to do so. And so God did Moses’ will instead of His own.

God had clearly stated that His will was to kill most of the Israelites, justly, for their sins (verses 7-9). Moses wanted something different from God’s will.

And God was fond of Moses; so God agreed to do it Moses’ way even though, since it was Moses’ plan and not God’s, it probably was not the best way!

Let’s think about that for a moment; if Moses hadn’t interceded here and changed God’s mind, Moses would have been among the sole survivors and the ancestor of the Israelite nation.

Moses then wouldn’t have had rebellious people to delay his entry to the Promised Land for forty more years (Numbers 14).

With no stubborn Israelites, he wouldn’t have then gotten frustrated and hit the rock (Numbers 20).

Which means he wouldn’t have been locked out of the Promised Land by God (Deuteronomy 3:26-27).

So in the end... wouldn’t Moses’ life have been a LOT better had he simply trusted God and kept his mouth shut?

Think about that, next time you try to change God’s mind.

But if changing God’s mind is so bad... why would He let us do it at all? That’s the best part!