There are two schools of thought in the world day, which together comprise the vast majority of people out there; scientists and believers. And these two groups are continually at odds with one another. The scientists demand proof of facts – demand repeatable, consistent, verifiable results. The believers on the other hand consider that blasphemy – they believe in God because… well, they just DO. And they think you should too!

If you ask them to PROVE anything about their God, even the very fact that He exists, they get quite offended and sputter something like “Well, I just accept it on faith. I KNOW God hears me!”. This attitude is largely the reason why many of the scientists reject God altogether and turn to evolution and atheism as the next best answer to the question of origins and our place in the universe.

So let me say something shocking and say that THE SCIENTISTS ARE RIGHT! They are right and the BELIEVERS are wrong!

No, I don’t mean that they are right about God not existing. I mean that they are right to reject the attitude of those “believers”! God does not demand blind Faith, and anyone who has blind faith in God is a fool! Anyone who believes God exists, or believes ONE WORD THAT GOD SAYS on blind faith – that is, without PROVING it – is a fool! A hopelessly misguided fool who doesn’t know God at all! And the atheistic scientist is better off in the grand scheme of things than he!

God is NOT against the scientific process – God INVENTED the scientific process! And God COMMANDS you to USE that very scientific process to PROVE Him, and by doing so establish a TRUE faith, a SOLID faith, a faith that is not threatened by the scientific process, but on the contrary is BUILT by it!

You see, God invented gravity. He made it work. And He made it to work EVERY time. If you drop your coffee cup, it WILL fall to the ground. Every single time. Most of the time it will break – depending on the surface it lands on, and how well the cup is made. God invented ALL of those factors!

Psalms 94:20 Shall the throne of iniquity have fellowship with thee, which frameth mischief by a law?

If you step off a cliff, you will fall. You will have broken the law of gravity, and when you break any law, however minor, there is a price to pay. And this “mischief” – you falling to your demise off the cliff – was framed, or defined, by God as an inflexible, immutable LAW.

God also formed spiritual laws – the ten commandments, and their various magnifications and subdivisions – and each of these, if broken, has a price to be paid. Not just an abstract God-will-punish-you-for-that price, but a PHYSICAL price. A price to be paid in THIS life, NOW.

The price is different with each commandment. If you break the law of adultery, then yeah, God will see to it that you are judged for that, but MEANWHILE, you will ruin your marriage. If you break the law of stealing, yeah, God will see to it that you wind up paying for it in the long run, but in the SHORT term you will lose the trust of those from whom you stole. You’ll lose far more than you ever gain – even if you didn’t get caught. And no one is more worried about theft than a thief. No one is more constantly worrying about his “stuff”. A man with ill-gotten money dripping out of his pockets may LOOK enviable from the outside, and LOOK as if he’s beaten the law and not paid the price – but he is paying the price, even now.

Psalms 34:21 Evil shall slay the wicked: and they that hate the righteous shall be desolate.

It doesn’t say that GOD will personally, divinely intervene to slay the wicked – it says that EVIL shall slay the wicked – the evil that they have done will kill them and destroy their lives, not necessarily God!

The point of those two examples is that THE LAW is repeatable! Taking into account all the facts, it will ALWAYS produce identical results! It is provable, repeatable, and RELIABLE! On the other hand, the blind faith that the “believers” have, is NOT repeatable. Sometimes it looks like it works, sometimes it doesn’t. And when it does look like it works, it’s working invisibly and you have to supply imagination to see if it’s really working at all.

But God is PROVABLE! The believers are afraid to have you try to “nail down” their God, and quantify Him and prove that He exists, BECAUSE THEY’VE NEVER DONE IT! And they are AFRAID that you can prove that HE DOESN’T EXIST! And if you act and feel that way, then YOU HAVE BLIND, FOOLISH, WORTHLESS FAITH!

Malachi 3:10 Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and PROVE ME NOW HEREWITH, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

God says PROVE ME WITH THIS! He realizes we’re mortal. God knows that it is difficult to believe in someone you’ve never met, someone you wouldn’t know if you passed Him on the street, especially when you’re not even sure where He lives or what He looks like!

God Himself commanded us to “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.” (1 Thessalonians 5:21). How can we PROVE all things – and if HE is good, HOW can we prove it!

Psalms 103:14 For he knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are dust.

He KNOWS that! And He knows that to FIRMLY believe in Him, we need PROOF! And quite frankly, WE DESERVE IT!

So let me describe to you the scientific process, and show you how to apply it to God. The first law of this process is that TRUTH is REPEATABLE. To illustrate on a very simple level, an alien who had never seen a kitchen sink (hey, bear with me, it was the first example I thought of!) might wonder what it was and how it worked. He would observe you move the lever and see that water came out of the tap.

But he cannot know for certain that the two events are connected! Yes, he did see a lever turned shortly before water flowed from the tap. And this is an observed FACT. But it might have been a coincidence – a word which literally means two unrelated things happening at the same time.

At this point, all he can have is a HYPOTHESIS – literally, “less than a belief”. A rough idea which is supported by some observed facts which may or may not be valid. So how can he know if his hypothesis is correct? Very simple – he has sneak up when you’re not looking sometime and turn the lever himself. He’ll see water coming out. But that STILL might be a coincidence! So he turns the lever off. The water stops. He turns it on. Turns it off. Turns it on. Turns it off. You get the idea. Each and EVERY time the lever is turned water flows. At this point, the EXPERIMENTS have proved that the HYPOTHESIS is true, and it is upgraded to a THEORY.

Of course, if EVEN ONCE water had failed to come out when the faucet was turned, it would greatly discredit his hypothesis. Not totally destroy it – because of course, it’s possible that at just that moment a water main blew, or you didn’t pay your bill and the water company turned of your meter. But statistically, those are unlikely events.

So now you have a theory. A theory that is built out of observed facts and fitting all data thus far, and which has been verified through some measure of experimentation. But now more testing is needed! Does this same process work on OTHER faucets, or just this one? Does it work on other days of the week? At other altitudes? In other weather? Will it work with oil as well as water? Can other alien scientists recreate his experiments in THEIR lab, on THEIR planet?

Because the next step is a LAW. And a law is universal. “An object in motion tends to remain in motion unless acted upon by an outside force”, as Sir Isaac Newton said many hundreds of years ago, is an example of a LAW. This law will hold true on any planet, in any sense, anytime you throw something it will keep going if it can. It will resist being stopped. So before we can call this “Faucet Principle” a LAW, it must be tested under every condition imaginable, and it must be repeatable for EVERYONE. And then this idea, which started at a hypothesis, will become law. But if it had failed on any one planet, under any circumstances, it would have to be either forsaken altogether or modified to fit the observed facts. Only a conclusion formed under these conditions can be trusted, day in and day out.

And so let’s look at God with the same process. Because after all, we NEED to be able to trust Him day in and day out. If we can’t do that, we should be taking care of ourselves and not letting Him do it at all!

And there are several ways to prove God exists, scientifically and without starting from the premise that the Bible is infallible. Some of them include questions like where did life come from, where did the universe come from, where did natural laws come from, fulfilled prophecies, answered prayers, and the quality of the Bible itself, among other things. All of these things can be used to prove that there is a God, but that isn’t my topic today; today I want to show you HOW to use those things to prove God exists, and how to know when you HAVE.

Hebrews 5:14 But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.

You are supposed to practice telling the difference between good and evil. Just as you are supposed to prove all things and hold fast the good. And just as you are supposed to “prove God”. And so if you try to prove that you know God, you must do it using the scientific process.

Most people try to prove that God exists by saying that He answers their prayers, talks to them, lays things on their hearts, etc. But here’s an example; they say “God exists/likes me because I asked him to heal me and He did!”

Ok, that is a hypothesis; now let’s see if we can prove that. The people I’ve known who said that, when I actually investigated, I found that yes, they did pray to God and they DID get better. Two observed facts that fit the hypothesis. However, what they DIDN’T say is that between those two events they had 27 surgeries, spent 180,000$ and will be taking pills and visiting the doctor every few weeks for the rest of their life. Now that isn’t God healing you – that is you asking for something, then getting a doctor to heal you. They had EXACTLY the same results as anyone else would have had, heathen or otherwise, they just gave God the credit – when in reality, God had nothing to do with it. Claims like these make scientists believe all religion is hooey, and with good reason. Most of it is.

Or, if the illness isn’t so severe, let’s say a common cold, they pray about it, and God “lays it on their heart” that they’re going to get better, and after taking Nyquil and waiting a week, their cold goes away! God healed them! Or did He? They did pray to God, yes. And they did get better, yes. But these are COINCIDENCES! Two unrelated things that happened at the same time! We can prove this because when we subject that to SCIENCE, we see that they caught the cold from the drug dealer across the street; he DIDN’T pray to God – nor does he believe in one – and he got better in a week too! So we can see that praying to God and getting better in a week are totally unrelated incidents! So their hypothesis falls flat on its face.

This “believer” who prayed to God and claimed he was healed, DID NOT PROVE GOD! And when the “believer” tries to witness to the (scientifically minded) drug dealer about God, he will be very offended and feel threatened when the drug dealer wants PROOF, and wants EVIDENCE that this God exists! And the “believer” will respond with condescension and seek out someone who isn’t so “scientifically minded” and is willing to “open his heart” and “trust God in faith” and not “demand proof”. But GOD – the REAL, SCIENTIFICALLY MINDED GOD – Commands JUST THE OPPOSITE!

Job 12:7-9 But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee: Or speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee: and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee. Who knoweth not in all these that the hand of the LORD hath wrought this?

God commands us to ASK the beasts – ASK the Earth, and the birds, and the fishes WHO DID THIS? WHO built this? WHO made this happen? That command is FOR YOU! YOU need to ask those questions for yourself – and answer, not with lame, lazy, blind, ignorant faith, by saying things like “Oh, I know God did it” – when you don’t know that at all! You THINK it – you have that OPINION! But you do not KNOW it! You can’t prove it! But God commanded you to PROVE all things, HIMSELF INCLUDED!

IF God exists, the Earth will tell you when you look at it. When you subject it to a scientific process, the THEORY – not law – of evolution will crumble beside the LAW – not theory – of Biogenesis, which states that life cannot come from non-life. A fact which has been tested more rigorously than you can imagine.

And the Law of Irreducible Complexity – which states that there is a certain level, a certain number of parts, without which an organism could not function at all. Imagine building an airplane. Even if you started with all the parts on the table, cut to shape and ready to bolt up, the plane would be an oversized paperweight until you had the wings and tail. Even then, it would only glide. For the sake of this example, the most you can reduce the plane, the “irreducible complexity” to still make it worth anything at all, is to have the wings, tail, and fuselage finished. There is a point at which all life can be reduced, a point at which, in the case of the yeast flagellum some 26 different parts that would have to appear, spontaneously and INSTANTLY, in order for the organism to be viable at all.

If any one of those 26 parts was missing, or malformed, it would be absolutely non-functioning! The human eye, one of the most complex creations in the universe, would have been a liability for hundreds of thousands of years while the nerves, cornea, retina, lens, and eyelid were developed – all the while, the eye would be completely unable to transmit light to the brain, so natural selection would have gotten rid of this worthless eye long before it could be finished!

When you subject Evolution to this same scientific process so loudly touted by the evolutionists it falls apart in minutes. There are literally thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of questions just as hard-hitting against it as the two I cited, all of which to the truly scientific mind condemn evolution as a defunct hypothesis at best. And as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle said, “when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever is left, however improbable, must be true”.

So God is not against the scientific process. You don’t need to reject science to believe in God, nor does God require – or even WANT – you to have blind faith in Him. He wants you to have faith that is built out of LAW – out of observing the repeatable, immutable nature of the universe, and the eternal value and happiness AUTOMATICALLY produced by the Ten Commandments.

1 Timothy 1:5 Now the end of the commandment is charity out of a pure heart, and of a good conscience, and of faith unfeigned:

The end – the RESULT of the commandments – is… well, the BBE version renders it best when it says that it is… “love coming from a clean heart, and a KNOWLEDGE of WHAT IS RIGHT, and TRUE FAITH:” THAT is what the RESULT of obeying the commandments is!

Pilate asked Jesus “What is truth?” (John 18:38). And Jesus gave him no answer at the time, but He DID give US the answer, when He said through David…

Psalms 119:142 Thy righteousness is an everlasting righteousness, and thy law is the truth.

God’s laws, be they codified in the Ten Commandments or discovered by Einstein and Newton, whether they appear as abstract as covetousness or as ever-present as gravity, are ALWAYS reliable. They are ALWAYS repeatable, and they are TRUTH, because TRUTH is simply any fact or belief that is always right – 100% of the time. The sun WILL come up tomorrow. It may be hidden by clouds, but it WILL come up. If you don’t believe me, I’m not threatened by that, because I believe it, because I proved it! – and if you don’t believe it, you will tomorrow morning!

So don’t worry, you will not offend God by putting Him to the test and proving whether or not He really exists. He knows that He does, so you won’t be threatening Him any! What you WILL be doing is building TRUE faith in a REAL, logical, RELIABLE Being, which He will value immeasurably more than anything the so called “believers” have.

Because – if truth be told – He doesn’t value their blind faith at all. Because it’s not faith – it’s just superstition.

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God Versus The Scientific Process

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2 thoughts on “God Versus The Scientific Process

  1. You claim to understand the scientific process, but you seem to have missed one of its fundamental points: it is a self correcting procedure.

    Pure science has no ‘agenda’ apart from the search for truth. For instance, established science, such as your example; ‘Newton’s Law’, can be questioned at any time as it was by Einstein who proposed different laws of motion. These were tried and tested by the global scientific community and found to fit observations better than Newton’s explanation. For scientists, there is no ‘absolute proof’, just a best fit. Sometimes that best fit is so good that it becomes ‘fact’ as far as we can tell.

    In this sense, 2+2=4 is a theory based on mathematical axioms and reasoning. Will it always equal 4? I hope so, otherwise we’ll have some serious re-thinking to do. So lets call it a ‘fact’ or ‘proven’ until something better comes along.

    Evolution theory, is supported by a vast amount of evidence, globally, from a wide array of scientific disciplines; biology, genetics, medicine, zoology, etc etc. It is so established that to most scientists, denying it is like trying to argue against a round Earth.

    People who choose not to believe it usually do so because it does not fit their ‘agenda’ or because they don’t understand it. 2+2=4 and ’round earth theory’ are easier to absorb and verify than evolution, not because they are any more valid but because they are simpler propositions.

    The irreducible complexity of the eye argument is a very old chestnut, and easily explained. We have a huge array of eye types in nature today (we don’t need the fossil record for that), some very simple, some very complex. Simple eyes evolved into complex eyes – that’s basically it! I really don’t see this as an argument against evolution. Please feel free to debate this point.

    Thankyou for your time,


  2. As I said above, “All of these things can be used to prove that there is a God, but that isn’t my topic today;”. This article was not intended to argue against evolution. Nor was it really intended to convince you, the atheist.

    “irreducible complexity” may be an “old chestnut”, but it is still a fact that the eye requires four basic functions work, all of which must develop spontaneously, in a form that can be passed on to offspring, in order to have any value at all:

    A. A lens for light to enter

    B. A sensor to perceive it

    C. A nerve to carry that information to the brain

    D. A way for the brain to interpret that information into meaning.

    Without ANY ONE of those things, the eye is useless, and a liability.

    And I notice you were pointedly silent about the thoroughly tested LAW of abiogenesis – which alone disproves evolution. If you really did believe the “best fit” theory, then you would have to reject evolution because it directly contradicts the known law that life does not come from non-life.

    From your comment I can tell that the problem we have, the same I have with most evolutionists, is you expect me to have the same blind faith in scientists that most religionists have in God. For those with a blind faith in scientists, there is always a paper published in a respected, peer reviewed magazine to answer every question; for example, in a recent debate someone brought papers about dinofeathers to me as proof of evolution.

    When we sifted through the papers, there is always another paper that explains WHY dinosaurs lost their feathers – and then a paper that explains the holes in that one – and then a paper that says that dinosaurs didn’t really evolve from birds after all. And the bottom line was, the scientists believed it regardless of the holes, because it fit their paradigm – “evolution happened, therefore it happened”.

    I don’t wish to debate evolution with you; I can, and have often done it in the past with others, but there are far too many self-styled scientists trolling the web hoping for nothing more than a good fight, and I’m not interested in indulging them. If you want to discuss origins, there are plenty of places where people hang out to do just that. If you’re interested in answers, you are welcome to read an article that *was* written to offer more proof at…

    This is less about evolution, and more about “best fit” answers to explain some things found in the Bible that simply cannot be explained without the existence of God.

    The best work against evolution that I know of is…

    Some of the best arguments, rigorously documented and sourced, are there.

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