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Let's go deeper...

This method of studying the Bible allows you to go much, much deeper than anyone has ever gone into the Bible, to explain some really hard things.

2 Chronicles 16:9 (KJ21) For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is perfect toward Him...

Before, if I told you this was talking about angels, you’d have thought I was crazy! You would have assumed — logically enough — that God’s “eyes” were two literal eyes.

But now that we know those seven eyes are the seven spirits, which are the seven flames on the candlestick, which are the seven archangels who work directly under Jesus, this makes a lot more sense!

Zechariah 4:10 (KJ21) ...they shall rejoice and shall see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel with those seven. They are the eyes of the LORD, which run to and fro through the whole earth.

This makes us look very differently at every scripture that uses the word “eyes” in the Bible — even when the number is not specified. For example [brackets are mine]:

Psalm 34:15 (KJ21) The [seven] eyes of the LORD are upon the righteous, and His ears are open unto their cry.

Proverbs 15:3 (KJ21) The [seven] eyes of the LORD are in every place, beholding the evil and the good.

Because now we know that when God says the eyes of God, He doesn’t mean two eyes, but seven angels!

You could never have understood that from reading ANY one of those verses. You have to read them all together and compare them to find the complete answer — and then see what new Truth that answer reveals!

But when you put these answers all together, it reveals an even deeper, more fundamental truth! What do all these symbols have in common?