The Original 60 Lesson Course

This is the original Bible lesson course, written between 2009-2015. I was very pleased with the understanding laid out in these lessons, but upon finishing them realized I had learned so much through the course of writing them that I needed to go back and start over with a completely new course, which is now available for free here; you can enroll and get the first new lesson through that link.

The new lessons are much more insightful and have a great deal of information not available in this first course, but you have to be willing to enroll and take tests as you go along to get new lessons. If you want to get a taste of what we have to offer without going to that much trouble, feel free to browse the lessons below. I do strongly recommend that you read them in order, as the later lessons build on concepts in the earlier lessons.

 Download all PDF (zip file)

1-12 The Basics
(that most Christians still don't know)

   Lesson 1: How to Understand
   Lesson 2: Why does God Allow Suffering?
   Lesson 3: What is Sin?
   Lesson 4: What is Faith?
   Lesson 5: What Is Grace?
   Lesson 6: What Is The Reward Of The Saved?
   Lesson 7: Is There Hope For The Unsaved?
   Lesson 8: Do The Wicked Burn In Hell
   Lesson 9: Sabbath And The Millennium
   Lesson 10: The Foundation Of Prophecy
   Lesson 11: What Is The Gospel
   Lesson 12: A False Christianity

13-26 What God is Like
(And what He expects from you)

   Lesson 13: The Real Jesus
   Lesson 14: What Is God
   Lesson 15: Holy Days Part 1
   Lesson 16: Holy Days Part 2
   Lesson 17: What God Says About Money
   Lesson 18: The Laws Of Health
   Lesson 19: Has God Called YOU
   Lesson 20: Chosen And Faithful
   Lesson 21: The Covenants
   Lesson 22: Should A Christian Fight
   Lesson 23: Ambassadors Of Heaven
   Lesson 24: Why Is There A Devil
   Lesson 25: The Kingdom Of God
   Lesson 26: Where Is God's True Church

27-44 Being a True Christian
(and not just a Churchian)

   Lesson 27: How To Be A Christian
   Lesson 28: Love Your Enemies
   Lesson 29: Be Perfect
   Lesson 30: Judge Righteous Judgment
   Lesson 31: What Is Mercy
   Lesson 32: What Is Your Job
   Lesson 33: Speak The Truth In Your Heart
   Lesson 34: Pride, Humility, Arrogance and Meekness
   Lesson 35: Beatitudes
   Lesson 36: The Power Of God
   Lesson 37: Teach Us To Pray
   Lesson 38: What Is Mature Faith
   Lesson 39: The Government of God
   Lesson 40: What A True Church Is Like
   Lesson 41: Children
   Lesson 42: Marriage (And Related Sins)
   Lesson 43: What Nature Teaches Us About Women
   Lesson 44: Healing And Rebuking

45-60 Prophecy and the Big Picture
(And it's so much bigger than you thought!)

   Lesson 45: The Sons Of Noah
   Lesson 46: Where is Israel Today
   Lesson 47: Judah's Blessing
   Lesson 48: Joseph's Birthright
   Lesson 49: The Time Of Jacob's Trouble
   Lesson 50: Middle East In Prophecy
   Lesson 51: Peace And Safety
   Lesson 52: The Calendar
   Lesson 53: Training Your Beast
   Lesson 54: Chronology, Part 1
   Lesson 55: Chronology, Part 2
   Lesson 56: Chronology, Part 3
   Lesson 57: What Were The Sacrifices
   Lesson 58: What The Temple Means
   Lesson 59: The Seven Spirits Of God
   Lesson 60: The Plan of God