Salvation of Angels > Are angels the exception?

Can devils ever become angels again?

Can devils repent? Pretty much any Christian in the world would answer with an adamant, “No! Devils are evil!”

As I said, we’re blinded. This is a tape that plays in peoples’ heads, something they’ve been taught was an absolute truth their whole lives... not something the Bible says.

Most people believe that the character of angels cannot change. But if that was true, then how did Lucifer – an angel – change from good to bad? And if angels can’t change, then how did Satan manage to change a third of them from loyal to rebellious?

And if they can change that way, why can’t they repent and change back again – just like every human who has ever lived will have to do??

I was raised like you were, to believe that angels were sinless and devils couldn’t repent. But I always had a problem with the idea that salvation is for humans alone.

Because if that’s true, it means God created angels to be a slave race. A race with no hope of advancement, a race that lives their entire eternal existence under the threat of death for the slightest sin.

Think about it; angels are servants of God (Revelation 19:10). Presumably, angels that are righteous get to keep being servants forever; angels that spill God’s coffee one time burn in hellfire for eternity. Imagine the pressure they’d be under! That doesn’t sound like a loving God, it sounds like a monster.

So let me put it to you this way – God is love. So how could God create angels, knowing they could, and therefore would, sin… and leave them no path for repentance?

Everyone in the world believes that He did just that; but the Bible is clear, very, very clear that He did no such thing. Why don’t you know where those verses are?