Goal Of Life > If we shall be like Him.. how can we possibly not be.. LIKE Him? > If that isn’t what we are to God... then WHY call us sons and daughters at all?? > Think about that: Every way.

We are just the embryonic form of God.

Of course we are not Gods today. Right now, we are as much like God as an unfertilized egg is like its father.

Yet we have everything necessary within us to become a God, just as a human egg has the potential to become a person.

At first, the human embryo looks nothing like his father – and yet, look deeper, to the DNA, and it is everything like him. And the older that embryo gets, the easier it becomes to see the family resemblance.

As with humans, the true life of a God begins with fertilization – when the spirit of the Father joins with the egg in the mother.

Properly speaking, all uncalled humans in the world are eggs of God, not embryos; for it is only when we receive His spirit that we begin the process of becoming like Him, and truly begin to live (John 6:63).

The Bible calls this being “begotten again”, often mistranslated being “born again” (John 3:3-4, Job 1:21), really just “conceived for the second time”. We were all conceived once, as humans; this speaks of being conceived a second time, this time as a God-fetus.

All of the dogma surrounding religion you’ve heard was built up because men wouldn’t just believe they were God’s children, going through a metaphorical process of gestation.

That’s why they confuse simple words like “baptism” and “receiving the spirit” and “being born again”, which are just metaphorical ways of saying the egg is cycling through the uterus, bathing in sperm, and being conceived as a new creature (2 Corinthians 5:17).

Simple... if you don’t overcomplicate it. Ridiculously complicated, if you refuse to believe the simple truth that men are meant to become Gods.

But like human eggs, there are millions of eggs in a woman that never become humans. Only a few hundred – still a large number – are actually cycled, or “called”. But very few of those are chosen and become fertilized people (Matthew 22:14). And fewer still make it to term (Revelation 17:14).

All babies must ultimately take a one-way ride from a safe and comfortable life to an unknowable future, with no idea what awaits them and no guarantee they’ll begin breathing again on the other side of the womb.

In between labor and birth, babies lose the ability to breathe through their mother. In a very real sense, they die, until they begin breathing in their new world, and a new stage of their life begins. What baby would willingly risk that, if given a choice?

Our lives today are the gestation period of God’s children. If we were called by God, and receive His spirit, we begin to grow. But like any fetus, we must ultimately leave the womb and die in order to live with God (1 Corinthians 15:35-38).

You were once a baby; would you prefer to have remained one? Likewise, our future death as a fetus is necessary to begin our life as a true God (Hebrews 9:27). And like any fetus, we can’t know what’s on the other side of that veil... but we know that we will be like our Father when we come out the other side (1 John 3:2).

Even then, even after our resurrection, we will only be babies of God; but we will be Gods, not just embryos with closed eyes, dimly perceiving the sound and light of the real world through the walls of our mother’s belly. We will see the true world as it is, in our real bodies (1 Corinthians 15:42-50).

Just as human babies do, we will have to learn how to walk and talk in that body; but we will assuredly grow up to be the spitting image of God, both in appearance and in character.

This is not hard to prove – we have hardly scratched the surface here. Hundreds of other verses say these things... In fact, it takes a great deal of effort not to see this in the Bible.

But to see any of these things, you have to first believe that when God said “I will be their Father”, He meant it.

Sadly, few if any religions today do. But God didn’t call religions to be His children... He called you.

Are you interested in becoming an actual child of God? In seeing the unbelievable promises God has made to you in the Bible? (Psalm 8:4-6). Then you have to start learning the things He has to teach.

You already look more or less like God. It’s time to start learning how to act like God. You’ve already wasted a lot of your gestation time... it’s time to catch up.

There are many things you’ll need to do before that job is finished; but one place you can start right now is by enrolling in the free Bible Study Course below. It can show you things you’ve never imagined before.

And not just things in the Bible. Because the Bible exists to guide us in the greatest study of all: your own self.

That’s why the Bible was given to us: to show us how to change ourselves into beings worthy of His glory, worthy of our divine heritage.

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