Just this week, we passed a milestone – over 1000 people have now received our Bible correspondence course! If you haven’t heard of it, this is an absolutely free comprehensive bible study course; it is non-denominational and unlike most Bible courses, it doesn’t give you any answers! It only asks questions and then tells you where you can find the answers in your own Bible!

You can read more about this course, how it works and what it is at this link here:


But here I thought I’d take the time to pass along a few of the comments we’ve received back from students about this course, and let them tell you about it. About 25-50% of the tests students return have a comment like the following:

Comments: The course is amazing and I can not wait to receive the next lesson.
Comments: Good lesson.  I am trying to understand why some have to suffer and not be healed.
Comments:  GOD bless you.  Please keep the lessons coming!
Comments: It’s wonderful.  I love it and look forward to moving on.  thank you!! : ) , thank God!
Comments: This course is more detailed than any other course I have taken, love it, makes you really dig for the answers
Comments: Thank you : ) Everthing is starting to Make better sense to me!  GOD Bless Ya’ll!
Comments: Very good on Faith and Grace (Lessons 4 and 5), cleared up some issues I had
Comments: This was truly a subject that has simply answered some of the questions I had, has put my feet on the path of being able to dive deeper into these questions. It has also changed some of my thoughts on the matter as well – very good subject.
Comments:  I love these lessons. I have always had problems on tests. I was ADD diagnosed as a child. But your lessons are a very valuable part of my life. Every morning I look forward to learning more and more about the Bible and God’s plan for my life. I love the time I spend with Christ every morning, not only with your lessons but my personal time with Him. I really do have to be more responsible with my choices because with more knowledge comes more responsibility.  Thank you and God bless, your lessons make things so clear.
So that and hundreds more comments like that is what we receive back about this course; why not try it for yourself? There’s no obligation, no cost, no guilt-trips to contribute money, it’s non-denominational and the only textbook is the Bible. What do you have to lose? Enroll now!
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