You may have noticed there have not been many new posts to the website this year; I’ve been focusing very heavily on writing new lessons for TheSimpleAnswers Bible Correspondence Course! Many lessons are finished, and more are in progress! And more students are joining all the time!

If you haven’t heard about it, it is a new type of course that doesn’t give you the answers, it only shows you where and how to find the answers in your own Bible. It helps you ask questions that only the Bible can answer. If you’ve ever wanted a deeper understanding of the Bible, NOW is the time to start getting it! You CAN understand the Bible. Jesus thanked the Father that the Bible was “revealed unto BABES” – not to wise, studied men, but to children, the ignorant, the helpless – those who need the answers in the Bible the MOST!

This course starts at the most basic foundation of Bible study and takes you through a grand journey of the plan of God, the foundations of faith, grace, the fate of the dead, the kingdom of God, and the nature of God – and yes, you can understand.

There is absolutely no charge for this course, and you will NOT be shamed, coerced, or pressured into giving money. This is a FREE course – but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to work! This is a course for those who are TIRED of not knowing God; those who are SICK of being fed opinions, and want FACTS, direct from the sacred scriptures. It’s time you studied out your beliefs for yourself – it’s not that hard, you just have to devote thirty minutes a day – isn’t it worth that?

So if you’re not prepared to set aside 30 minutes every day – the time it takes to watch a dull sit-com – to get to know your creator, with whom you hope to spend eternity… don’t enroll! But if you do HUNGER and THIRST after righteousness, as Jesus commanded, then you NEED this course! You NEED to know what God has planned for you, because what the Bible reveals is far more awe-inspiring than what you’ve probably been taught!

It is a completely non-denominational course. It does not teach doctrine and it doesn’t quote leaders of ANY church. In fact, in the course I try very hard not to teach ANYTHING, but just do what preachers should have done all along – let the Bible explain itself.

If you like the articles on this website, this is intended to teach you how to learn to understand things like that for yourself, out of the Bible, without learning them from someone else!

The only textbook is the Bible and the lessons don’t just feed you the answers; they help you ask the questions, and then shows you where the Bible answers those questions, where you can read the answers for yourself.

You can find the first sample lesson available at this link to see what you think of it:

Click here┬áIf you wish to Enroll. We will be asking for your name, address, age, and briefly state your religious background (I.E., what churches you’ve attended), so that if you have questions as you study this course, I can answer them with an eye to where you’ve been.

When you enroll, you will be able to download lessons and answer test to receive more. You’ll be free to cancel if at any time you don’t believe this is helping you understand the Bible, and again, this is COMPLETELY non-denominational, not associated with any church.

Enroll now! Click here!

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