Over 2700 Years ago God prophesied that the world today would be stupid – incompetent! He prophesied that you would be double-billed by the phone company. That you would be sent the wrong product in the mail. That your mechanic would not know how to fix your car – but would act like he could. That you couldn’t hire someone to do the simplest task without finding it botched up and have to do it right yourself. God prophesied this because HE was going to MAKE IT HAPPEN. HOW??

Isaiah 3:1-5 For, behold, the Lord, the LORD of hosts, doth take away from Jerusalem and from Judah the stay and the staff, the whole stay of bread, and the whole stay of water, The mighty man, and the man of war, the judge, and the prophet, and the prudent, and the ancient, The captain of fifty, and the honourable man, and the counsellor, and the cunning artificer, and the eloquent orator. And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them. And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbour: the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honourable.


Isaiah 3:8 For Jerusalem is ruined, and Judah is fallen: because their tongue and their doings are AGAINST the LORD, to provoke the eyes of his glory. The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves.

Because America is PROUD of it’s tolerance – of it’s “Human Rights”- at the same time having one of the highest Murder, Rape, Divorce, and Theft rates of any country on earth! Yet they think they’re alright – Oh sure, they’re not perfect, they’ll admit that. But they’re not so bad. And BECAUSE OF THIS ATTITUDE, God is sending the curses of Isaiah 3 on them!

The cunning artificer is your mechanic. The person who is good at his craft. Who can take pride in his work, and loves his job. God said He would remove him from the country. He has. He’s almost completely gone today.

The mighty man – the hero. The person who values another life more than his own. How many strangers are there do you suppose who would take a bullet for you? Without knowing you?

The prophet – the man who speaks for God. Look around the world today – there are over 33,000 different groups of churches – and that’s JUST “Christianity”! And yet all disagree. They can’t all be right! The prophet is all but gone, he has been replaced by a veritable religious BABYLON of confusion and lies!

The wise man. How many elderly do you know who actually KNOW something – whose advice and counsel you can seek? A hundred years ago, you could have gone to a hundred aged men and women – and they would have an answer for any problem you had. They’re gone now.

GOD FULFILLED THE CURSES, AS HE SAID! But HOW? God prophesied it would happen – but HOW did he bring it about?

In order to have any of these things mentioned in Isaiah 3, you must have LAW. You must have an ABSOLUTE TRUTH. If your mechanic thinks your carburetor is a fuel pump, he can’t do his job, can he? He needs law – absolute rules – and TRUTH in order to UNDERSTAND why the car will not run! Without LAW, he cannot understand!

If the wise man can only say “well, there is no way of knowing what the right course is”, then he’s not a whole lot of help! So, to destroy all of the wisdom in the land, all that needs be destroyed was the faith of the people in LAW-In CAUSE AND EFFECT. In the inexorable CONSEQUENCES OF SIN – everywhere! Remember, sin is the breaking of the law (1 John 3:4). Using our poor mechanic as an example again, if he connects the gas line to the radiator hose, that is a sin – the breaking of the LAW that says that the gas line MUST go to the Carburetor. So, in order to weaken a society with Mighty men, Wise men, Prophets, and the rest – you first have to destroy the belief in Law. And that’s exactly what happened!

Lawlessness In Science

It was first noticed in science, because it is the most obviously LAW-BASED field of study.

For thousands of years, man believed that if you dropped an egg and a chair at the same time, that the chair would hit ground first because it was heavier. Then Galileo decided to actually test the theory. As we all know, both objects hit the ground at roughly the same time. And for thousands of years, the best Scientists believed that something that was a regular shape floated. Something that was irregular would sink. Again, Galileo proved that it didn’t matter what SHAPE it was, but only how much it weighed relative to its size.

He proved that there were LAWS that controlled what floated and what fell. Isaac Newton, who grew up a generation later, proved that these principles and laws applied to all fields of science – that the universe could not function without LAWS that told it how to move!

And so, what became known as “Newtonian” physics – a LAW-BASED science – was born. This concept of physics was rigidly law based. It believed that there had to be a REASON that the Moon didn’t float off towards Jupiter. Because of this belief, Newton proved the existence of gravity. It said there had to be a REASON, a LAW, governing every phenomenon ever witnessed or ever to be witnessed. It was under this school of thought that essentially every major discovery has been made. The Radio, Magnetism, Electricity, the Periodic Chart, the Airplane, all the way up to the Atom Bomb.

Did you realize that if it wasn’t for law, you couldn’t exist? Your cells, the atoms in them, and the protons and electrons that make up those atoms would simply cease to hold to each other and float off into space. Newton believed that if you could know the exact properties of EVERYTHING in the universe at this very moment – you could, theoretically, calculate to the tiniest part of an atom the EXACT state of the universe tomorrow, last week, or 10,000 years from now.

Knowledge grew over the centuries – as God promised it would – yet still, by the 1920’s, scientists knew that there were still a great many things they did not know about the universe. For example – the smallest unit of light, that (supposedly) cannot be divided, is called a Photon. When you look out your window at night, you will see out of the window, but often you will also see a faint reflection of your room. This is the result of a small percentage of the Photons bouncing off the glass, and being reflected back to you. The question is – what makes MOST of the Photons go through the glass, but a few reflect?

The Newtonian, Law-based answer was “There must be something we don’t know about the Photon – something hidden inside the Photon that makes it different from the others. Or perhaps some properties of spin, or velocity, or SOMETHING”. In other words, some LAW we just hadn’t discovered yet. But “Science” found a different answer in Quantum Physics – and the Uncertainty Principle.

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, as it’s called, said that there is nothing different about the Photon. If 100 Photons hit the glass, and 95 go through, 5 will be bounced back. There is no reason why! Simply because it can. It said “You can’t know what a particular Photon will do – you can know, in a large, broad way what will happen to 100 of them, but YOU CAN’T KNOW about each one because THERE IS NO LAW!”

Scientists freely admit they don’t understand the uncertainty principle – in fact, they’re PROUD of it!

Einstein, who was arguably the greatest scientific leader during the time this theory was developed, NEVER accepted it. He fought it until the day he died. He is often quoted as saying “I cannot accept that God plays dice with the universe!” He believed that things don’t just “happen”, but that they worked within LAWS. Many of his generation never accepted the Uncertainty Principle – but the principle outlived those who objected to it.

The Uncertainty Principle is an incredibly destructive “doctrine” of Science! But God couldn’t take the Wise, Mighty, and Cunning man out of the country without allowing it to be introduced – As long as there was faith in law, there would be wisdom – so that had to be destroyed… and it was!

But Science wasn’t the only place where this Uncertainty Principle appeared. Actually, in one form or another, this principle showed up at the SAME time – that is, the early part of the 20th century – in *every* business, and in *every* field… it can be found in all of man’s so-called “Wisdom” today!

Uncertainty In Economics:

God intended for man to use Gold, Silver, and Copper as money. Through the ages, man has basically always done this. The precious metal system is a simple one – God’s system always is. If you have an ounce of silver, it’s worth a dollar. You can’t make that ounce of silver into two dollars without working. Then you’ll have two ounces of silver, but they’ll still each be worth one dollar. Simple, right? A 5-year-old could understand it.

Well, in 1917 the Federal Reserve Bank was established. Economics was set up in a way that was so confusing, so insidious, so complicated, that no one understands it. In short – they made it Uncertain. Let me outline briefly an extremely simplified version of what it does. Actually, we’ll have to step in the old Wayback Machine and go back in time about 75 years for it to make sense at all. If you take a silver dollar into the bank, and deposit it, the bank will give you a piece of paper (A dollar bill) that says you have a dollar sitting there if you need it.

Now, lets say a farmer comes to the bank to borrow a dollar. They know you aren’t likely to come and claim your silver dollar right away. So instead of loaning their own money, they give him a note for YOUR dollar saying he has a dollar there whenever he wants it! But there is more – they know that neither one of you are likely to claim your dollar anytime soon… after all, paper is easier to carry… So if someone else comes in, they can give him a note for the SAME DOLLAR.

So now, they have created money that DOESN’T EXIST, gambling that you won’t all want the same dollar at the same time! (Incidentally, they also get 5 cents back from the borrower when he returns the bill to the Bank – for lending money that they created out of nothing!) And they repeat this again, and again, with the same piece of silver.

So you see, your dollar has now been made into perhaps as many as ten “Pseudo-dollars”, that exist only on paper. Or today, often only in the form of a digit in a computer. It doesn’t really exist at all- it’s not REAL money – it’s not REALLY understandable – it’s just plain UNCERTAIN!

This was a vast simplification of economics – barely scratching the surface really. But it doesn’t stop there.

Uncertainty In Agriculture:

Over millennia men discovered, through trial and error, the ways to grow a healthy, vibrant crop. Only 100 years ago, four-fifths of world lived outside city limits, and were agriculturally dependent! Yet, beginning with fervor in the industrial age of the early 1900’s, man moved OFF the farm, and into the city – and instead of properly BUILDING the land, DRESSING AND KEEPING the earth, large, corporate farms began to systematically rape the land!

Man took a concept that was no more complicated than “If you take something out of the soil, you have to put something back”, and complicated and confused it – made it UNCERTAIN! Now they say “well, yes, you have to put SOMETHING back, but we can calculate just what elements are needed with chemical fertilizer – there is no need to use the methods man has been using for thousands of years”. But in reality, they don’t KNOW what to put back – sure, they can add back a few basic elements, but they have no idea the immense complexities of the earth God placed them on – so they analyze it until it’s so complicated, that NO ONE understands it, and it is UNKNOWABLE!

They missed the entire point of how God designed the earth! But this was far from the worst area that was corrupted.

Uncertainty In Medicine:

Through generations upon generations, man discovered a basic, simple truth about his body – “You are what you eat”. This basic, simple truth explains all the illness that man suffers – both today, and through all history. Moreover, it is a truth that ANYONE can understand – it’s not complicated! Man also discovered that the body is a UNIT. That if the Appendix is causing problems, the solution isn’t to CUT IT OUT, but rather to find the SOURCE of the problem! Using the principle that “You are what you eat”, if you eat the typical American diet of heavy meats, fats and starches (Or any foods that are difficult to digest) anyone can see that THAT is the cause of the Appendix’s problem – As always, it’s not complicated! If you build a body out of French Fries, it will be made out of French Fries! That is inescapable logic!

But in 1920’s, that approach changed. The American Medical Association decided that that principle wasn’t good enough – it was too simple – and instead, we should treat EACH ORGAN as a SINGLE unit. If it breaks, cut it out! They made a simple, understandable, GODLY principle into a complex, confusing set of UNKNOWABLE rules… where each organ works along different principles, which in many cases they freely admit – they don’t understand!

This, together with the Uncertainty Principle in farming, is responsible for the DRASTIC INCREASE in cancer, heart disease, and all other sickness in this country in the last 100 years!

Uncertainty In Education:

Education is an art that has been discovered, perfected, lost, and rediscovered in history. Archeology has shown that Assyria had a very fine schooling system. Then it was lost. Egypt, Greece, Rome, all great empires have had a way of training the next generation. The decline in this art was always parallel with the decline in the empire!

Until the 1920’s, while many did not have an education beyond the 6th grade, that sixth grader knew more of REAL VALUE than a college graduate today! A hundred years ago, a sixth grader could do complex math – could read very well – could write – knew history, both American and World – Geometry – the list goes on. Today, many college students are unsure when the Declaration of Independence was signed!

The difference is, that 80 years ago, something was EXPECTED of children. A measure of behavior, discipline and honesty, was not only expected, but DEMANDED. But then – slowly at first, but with increasing speed – modern psychology crept into the system – a psychology that says you couldn’t discipline children – that you had to let them come to it at their own speed – that you couldn’t enforce RULES, and expect RESULTS from students, but you had to let them learn what they wanted at their own pace – that YOU COULDN’T KNOW WHAT WAS RIGHT FOR THEM!

This change, more than any other, is responsible for the Wal-Mart checker who doesn’t know that one Lemon at ten for a dollar costs a dime. It is responsible for the Mechanic who spends $400 in parts for your car – yet hasn’t got a clue what is wrong with it. The general incompetence of many in the world today, and the lack of pride in a job well done, is the direct result of this UNGODLY UNCERTAINTY PRINCIPLE!

Uncertainty In Religion

In order to fulfill the curses threatened in Isaiah 3, the LAW-BASED philosophies that existed at the turn of the century first had to be destroyed! So that the mechanic, the philosopher, the scientist, the hero, wouldn’t have a LAW to govern his life by – but would instead be UNCERTAIN, in a world WITHOUT ABSOLUTES, without TRUTH!

If education is the reason many people are incompetent, the psychological and religious versions of the uncertainty principle are the reason people today are MORALLY BANKRUPT. So evil are they that the blood from one horrendous crime in our cities practically spills over and runs into the blood from another crime! (Hosea 4:2).

The Preachers will say “Well, yes, Adultery is wrong MOST of the time – but there are cases where it might SAVE a marriage – and anyway, who are you to JUDGE, you CAN’T KNOW their situation!”

The Psychologists say “Well, yes, you did wrong, but it wasn’t your fault! Anyone might have done the same in your case – it’s just not KNOWABLE what the right answer is. There isn’t ONE right answer, it’s just a matter of circumstances!”


God says there IS one right answer! His way! But Satan doesn’t believe that – he wants FREEDOM to sin. And he wants HIS followers to be able to do things THEIR WAY – the way that SEEMS right to a man! This UNCERTAINTY PRINCIPLE, in any of it’s hideous shapes and forms, has no place in the universe – It’s a concoction straight from the mind of Satan the Devil! There is ONE lawgiver. ONE truth. ONE RIGHT WAY – and THOUSANDS of wrong ones!

Often people – Even in the Church of God – when you tell them they are doing something-anything, wrong, will say “I know it’s not perfect, But if I do it YOUR way I’ll wind up living out under a tree – I’ll have to give up everything – to stop doing ALL of this stuff I love! WHERE do you DRAW THE LINE??”

THERE IS NO LINE! There is RIGHT, and there are thousands of ALMOST right answers, MIXED with SIN – but not RIGHT. There is ONE TRUE, RIGHT answer in EVERY case. Where do you draw the line between this Demon movie, and this one that only has “Good” witches? You don’t DRAW a line – THERE IS NO LINE! There is RIGHT or WRONG! And there is NO Gray area!!!

One Law Giver!

There is ONE Law-Giver. He tells you what the line is – and if YOU draw a line in a different, easier place, you’re setting YOURSELF up as a law-giver! You put yourself in the place God has RESERVED FOR HIMSELF!

The Uncertainty Principle has crept into every walk of life in the world around us – In it’s many forms it has created the wretched, miserable, utterly lost world in which you and I live… But you are commanded to come out of the world, leaving behind all of it’s LIES and DECEIT – So take heed, and DON’T LET the Uncertainty Principle ROB YOU OF YOUR SALVATION!

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