Did you ever wonder how, with only one Bible, one God, one Jesus Christ, we could have thousands of different churches all with violently opposed opinions about what he is like? How can all these churches disagree about such fundamental subjects as salvation, baptism, or even the nature of God Himself? Isn’t there a SIMPLE ANSWER?

Yes there is – going back to the SOURCE of the revelation, the Bible itself! The reason all these churches disagree is because no one takes personal responsibility for their salvation. Everyone is content to let their church take responsibility for their understanding, and so every statement begins with “Well, my church believes…” or “my minister said…”, and since we all have different churches and different ministers, OF COURSE we disagree!

But if they all began their statements with “well, my BIBLE says…” then they couldn’t disagree very much, for we ALL have the same Bible! And if you want to know what it says – not what any man thinks it says but what YOU CAN SEE, with your OWN EYES, that it says… then you need to sign up for our free Bible Correspondence Course!

On judgment day, God won’t be asking you what your church believes! If He asks you a question about salvation, you won’t be able to go grab your minister and ask him – you’ll be expected to KNOW the answer for yourself! How will you fare – can you answer God on your own?

Romans 14:10,12 … for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ … So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.

When you stand before the judgment seat of Christ, will you be able to give an account of what you’ve done? Of how you’ve spent your time here, of what you understand? Books you have on your wall won’t help you then. Notes you’ve taken about sermons won’t help. Things your minister knows or things your church believe will be useless. All that will matter is what you’ve done, and what you understand about God. You’ll have to have the answers yourself – and if you’ve never studied the Bible, how will you give those answers?

For over a year now we’ve been offering a free Bible Correspondence Course from It’s goal is to do just that – teach you what you believe, and why you believe it, so that YOU know it – and know WHY you believe it!

Just recently we passed a milestone – over 400 people have received the correspondence course from all over the world! We are always accepting applications and presently it is growing at an amazing rate, with an average of five new students EVERY SINGLE DAY!

There are now 22 lessons finished, with approximately 14-16 more planned. When students finish this course, they will know more about the BIBLE than most ministers. There are lessons covering every facet of salvation, every facet of the plan of God, everything you desperately need to know about what God is doing on this Earth!

This course is not for casual church-goers. If you are content to let someone else spoon-feed you the truth, then this is not for you. This is a course that requires EFFORT from you. You’ll have to be willing to WORK to know what God said – you’ll have to study, at the very least 30 minutes every day. Can’t you put aside a single sitcom to learn more about the most important questions ever asked?

This is for people who are TIRED of not knowing God; TIRED of letting someone else explain God to them; TIRED of not knowing why they are here or what God is doing! TIRED of bickering over opinions about religions and ready to study the FACTS – the only facts we have, those written in the Bible!

If you haven’t subscribed to this course yet, you should; it is absolutely unique, there is no course like it in the world. This course is non-denominational in the truest sense of the word. By that I mean it sidesteps all denominations, all church traditions and doctrines. It avoids all opinions, especially my own, and cuts straight to the heart of the matter – the word of God, as written in your own Bible.

For the first time, you will read it for yourself; you will know, for an absolute fact, the foundation that your faith rests upon. You will be able to point to the chapter and verse that says WHY you believe what you believe.

It’s absolutely free. You won’t be guilted into sending money. You won’t be asked to join a church or leave yours. And you won’t be told what the Bible says – all this course does is ask questions, and tell you where the Bible holds the answer and then you will look it up and see for yourself what the answer is – straight from the Bible, with no middlemen in between God’s word and you! And that’s what makes this course UNIQUE!

Sign up now. Not tomorrow, but right this second!

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