I’m afraid I haven’t been very good at keeping the website updated this year. I’ve been devoting all my resources to working on the Bible Correspondence Course, and I’ve finished 37 lessons now, out of about 50. So I’m afraid I’ll be awhile yet before I’m back to writing new articles for the website 🙁 But if you’ve taken the correspondence course, you’ll agree – this is more important. This puts down information about God in a simple, easy-to-follow, comprehensive format like never before.

If you haven’t heard about it, you can read all about it _here_. It lets the Bible speak for itself, and that’s all any teacher needs to do – the Bible speaks plenty loud and clear enough on its own without men to help it.

But since we’ve had almost 1,800 subscribers since the beginning of this course, I thought I’d share some of the feedback from the students, and let them tell you in their own words what they think of this course. This is just a small sample of the sort of feedback we get on a daily basis.

William writes “Fantastic! Best home bible study course I have ever taken. I am so glad I found you on the internet. Keep the lessons coming!”

Moises commented “This is the best course I have taken. Not only for the material in it but the method of giving you the passages in the Bible for you to read and comprehend. In other words, it is outstanding!”

Cynthia says “This is the clearest to my understanding EVER on why God allows man to suffer. It makes sense to me. God had to give you inspiration to bring such a hard question to light with such clarity. Thank you!”

Bryan said “I have really enjoyed the first 2 lessons of this Bible Study. If the first 2 are this good, I’m excited to see the rest. I’m really digging deep into God’s word more and more, this is a tremendous experience. Looking forward to the rest to see what God will do in my life! God bless”

Here is one with spelling mistakes left intact, so that you can see that not all the students are good in school – but they can still learn about God! “I injoy this lesson so very much. I take my time I went to take it all an. I learned a lot I see things in a new light with new understanding”.

Matthew tells us “some good stuff but tough as well. Made me take a hard look at my walk with God. Lots of growing up to do. I love this Bible study, thank you”.

From Kari “I really enjoyed the in-depth look you give to studying the Bible. I really am getting the answers I am looking for”.

And Fred “These Bible studies really open my eyes and really make me examine the Bible and make me prove to myself what a scripture really means. Thank you!” (He asked for the studies for a friend, as well – we get tons of referrals this way).

And Laura, who is taking these lessons in prison wrote after finishing lessons 3-5 “These are amazing… thank you! I appreciate these, the straightforwardness and truth from scripture (many studies fluff over the facts, giving opinions rather than what God said). On to 6-8! God bless”

Maria offers a comment that should strike home with many people who read their own Bibles: “I enjoy this study. These are things I have concluded from reading the Bible on my own. I was somewhat confused because it contradicts a lot of what I had been taught over the years. I’ve been torn between what was revealed in my heart and what was implanted from other’s interpretations of God’s word. Thank you!”

Tammy said “This was very detailed and I enjoyed and learned a lot of in-depth looks into the scriptures. There are about three questions I really had to look deeper into for better understanding and I loved to be challenged in such a way that it helped me to better and clearly try to understand the Bible more. I can’t wait to get my grades and more lessons. Thank you!”

Connie commented “So far [Lessons 6-8] I have enjoyed the course, I have learned a lot and I have been surprised at what I thought I now and had been taught wrong. I thank you very much and you will always be in my prayers.”

Cheryl wrote “I have really enjoyed these lessons. Because I have gotten answers to things that I did not know or understand until now. I learned that God just wants to build a family. And I feel by doing these lessons with my husband it is bringing us closer together with God. And the only way to be a real Christian is to obey God always. Thank you”

And my personal favorite of all the comments I’ve received: “I ordered two correspondence courses [one from me, one from someone else]. The first was like… ‘for God so loved the ____? John 3:16’. I threw it away. Yours actually made me think!”

Not to bash the “competition”, for they’re doing the best they know how, but I’ve been sent tests that were meant for other Bible courses and, to me, they were insultingly simplistic. Like that last comment said, they asked you to read a verse and then fill in the blank, or something equally absurd.

You can’t understand the Bible that way! You have to learn what it MEANS! And you do that by comparing it to all the other scriptures on the subject; by reading the context; and mostly, by just stepping back and seeing WHAT IT SAYS without letting men’s opinions color your perception of it.

If you want preschool-level Bible course, this is not for you. This is for people who want to UNDERSTAND, and who are willing to WORK for that understanding. The truth belongs to those who love it.

You don’t have to be a college graduate to understand it, either – as you saw above, many people who did poorly in school have taken this course and one has continued through, so far, 35 lessons and shows every sign of going all the way. But you have to WANT it! You have to WORK for it! You have to put in the time to read your Bible and study the lessons every day, and you have to CARE to know what God has to say! That’s the only requirement.

What you’ve just read represents a tiny fraction of the hundreds upon hundreds of glowing comments we’ve received. If the Bible confuses you, if what you read in your Bible doesn’t make sense or doesn’t match what you heard in church, click the “subscribe” button in the upper-right-hand corner. Fill out the information and we’ll send you the first two lessons and a test right away.

There is no cost whatsoever, not even shipping. There is no obligation to do anything, no schedule to keep;  why delay? Learn what God really says, directly from His own words. Learn for yourself what the Bible really teaches, not what men teach about it. You expect/hope to spend eternity with God. Isn’t it worth a few minutes a day to see exactly what He’s like, what He expects from you, and what that eternity will be like? Subscribe now!

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